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The major political parties will ask the High Court to order analysis of the Australian Electoral Commission's rejection of imperfect ballot papers in a last-ditch bid to avoid another Senate election in WA.

_The West Australian _understands that the Liberal Party and the ALP will use a directions hearing in Melbourne tomorrow to suggest the High Court consider the effect of the AEC excluding ballot papers at critical stages in the count.

It is understood that Palmer United Party will support this argument.

All three parties want the re- instatement of the initial Senate count, where the disputed fifth and sixth Senate spots were awarded to PUP's Dio Wang and Labor's Louise Pratt.

In Labor's submission to the High Court, it argues that 87 ballot papers were wrongly excluded by the State Australian Electoral Officer and that another 90 ballot papers were wrongly accepted.

These were among 942 ballot papers "reserved" for rulings by the AEO during the count.

The Liberals, the ALP and PUP all argue that if the AEO had admitted or rejected reserved ballots correctly, the impact of the missing 1370 ballots would become immaterial.