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Toddler bashed in elevator
Toddler 'bashed in elevator'

A toddler has suffered severe injuries after being attacked by a 10-year-old girl and thrown off a 25th floor balcony.

The youngster, known as Yuanyuan, is in hospital and has miraculously survived the savaging which left them with fractures and a ruptured lung.

The Huffington Post reported that Yuanyuan was accidentally left in an elevator, with CCTV vision showing the girl entering the elevator and slamming onto the floor twice.

The girl continues to attack the boy by kicking and stomping him as he struggles to get up.

The girl then reportedly throws the boy off a balcony.

The father of the girl, known only with his surname Li, believes poor communication led to the alleged incident.

"Police investigations show that she may have kicked the toddler but did not purposely throw him down," Li said in local reports. "The boy may have fallen down the building because he was in shock."

Li said his daughter may have been provoked into the attack because the young boy was making faces at her.

The father has compensated the toddler's family to help with the boy's medical bills.