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Bieber s minder in Perth hotel incident
Justin Bieber arriving at His Majesty's Theatre in Perth. Picture: Faith Moran/Splash News

A member of Justin Bieber's entourage was involved in an incident at a Perth hotel yesterday in which a fan's father was allegedly thrown down stairs.

The incident occurred at the entrance to the pool area at the Hyatt Hotel in Adelaide Terrace, where the pop star is staying.

Witness Trisha Horsham said a family of five walked into the area and within seconds "we heard this hysterical screaming".

"They walked in and were told not to approach Justin Bieber," Ms Horsham said.

"Apparently the man said, 'Hey mate, don't speak to my daughters like that'.

The bodyguard then picked the father up, threw him out the door, which meant he was thrown down the stairs, and pushed the mother.

"One of the daughters was on the floor hyperventilating. Then the mother started having a panic attack."

Ms Horsham, who was visiting friends and was 10m from the incident, said an ambulance and police were called.

She said the bodyguard was taken away by police, who did not comment.

The incident comes during a controversial Australian tour for Bieber. A member of his entourage slashed the tyres of a paparazzo in Sydney last week and another was allegedly caught with cannabis at Brisbane Airport.

Later yesterday, Bieber went to the Bell Tower and then His Majesty's Theatre where he was believed to be rehearsing. He performs tomorrow.

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