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Barnett expecting Abbott to help WA
WA Premier Colin Barnett looks on as Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop looks at a how to vote card at the Cottesloe Civic Centre in the electorate of Curtin on election dayPicture: Paul Kane/Getty Images

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett is expecting a better deal for his state and a better reception for himself as the Tony Abbott-led Liberal government is installed into Canberra.

Celebrating with federal deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop in the leafy Perth suburb of Cottesloe, Mr Barnett said Mr Abbott's ascension would also be great news for Australia's international trading partners.

And Mr Barnett also dismissed the argument that dissatisfaction with his government may be why federal Liberal candidates failed to claim any of the Labor seats in the state.

Mr Barnett said he would contact Mr Abbott this week to open a line of communication he hoped would prove fruitful.

"I have got no doubt Tony Abbott will prove to be a very good PM, and for WA it will also be good," he told reporters on Sunday.

"There is no doubt it will restore international confidence particularly in the mining industry.

"I think the Labor governments have let this state down badly. There has almost been a patronising attitude to WA."

As counting stood on Sunday, the Liberals were holding their federal seats in WA.

They had a chance of winning O'Connor from the Nationals, as well as three Senate places.

The result diluted talk of a protest vote against his unpopular moves to cut education budgets in recent weeks, Mr Barnett said.

"No one's blaming me, no one has said anything to me at all," Mr Barnett said.

"We won a big victory in (the state election in) March, we won a big victory today - I think WA is doing pretty well."

The coalition win might not help Mr Barnett secure federal funding he had wanted for rail projects, given Mr Abbott favours road over rail funding.

But Mr Barnett praised Mr Abbott's promised removal of the mining and carbon taxes.

"Tony Abbott absolutely has a clear mandate to repeal those taxes," Mr Barnett said.

"If people in parliament oppose that they are failing in their responsibility as MPs."

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