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Budget deficit of $18 billion, balanced by 2015/16 and in surplus by 2016/17.

Tax receipts write downs of $17 billion in 2012/13 and $60 billion over the four years to 2015/16.

Government to address loopholes in corporate tax system to save over $100 million in 2013/14 and $4.2 billion over four years.

Economic growth of 2.75 per cent, unemployment of 5.75 per cent, Inflation forecast at 2.25 per cent
$9.8 billion in new school funding.

$64.6 billion on health funding including $14.3 billion for disability care funded by medicare levy increase of 0.5 per cent.

$3.7 billion on “Living Longer. Living Better” aged care package.

Planned increase to family payments scrapped saving over $600 million and $2.5 billion over four years.

Baby bonus abolished saving over $150 million and $2.3 billion over four years.

$1 billion plan for Australian jobs, with $500 million to create Industry Innovation Precincts.

$24 billion for new road and rail infrastructure.

Move to floating carbon price in July 2015, projected to be about $12 a tonne.

$6.2 billion over five years for disaster relief.

Defence spending increase to $113 billion over four years.

Funding for centenary of ANZAC including $25 million for veterans’s mental health services.

Funding for the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.

Overseas development assistance target date deferred by a year to 2017/18.

$75.3 million to reformed Australia Council to support the Arts.

Seven cent increase in pack of 25 cigarettes.

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