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A monkey has been mauled by a bear after a disturbing circus stunt went wrong.

The Daily Mail in Britain reports that an online video has emerged of two monkeys and a black bear being forced to ride bicycles around a track in front of a large crowd in China.

In the video - the date of which is not known - after two laps of the track, one of the monkeys crash and the bear then attacks it as it lies stuck under the bicycle.

"The gruesome video is believed to have been shot at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in China, which has hit the headlines in the past for its 'Wild Animal Olympics'," the Mail said.

"In the video, the audience can be heard cheering and laughing as the animals are sent riding around the small arena.

"Circus workers holding sticks push the small bikes off but after a few seconds one monkey and the bear crash.

"Staff can be seen desperately trying to force the bear off as it grabs the small monkey in its mouth.

"At one stage three workers, dressed in brightly coloured costumes, try to wrestle the bear away, while another leads the second monkey away.

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