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The girlfriend of a man fatally stabbed on Christmas Day 2011 in a Broome brawl has told a Supreme Court jury she was trying to protect her boyfriend from attack and did not even realise he had been wounded until it was pointed out to her.

Teagane Ramirez, 26, was giving evidence in trial of French backpacker Thomas Camus, who is accused of murdering Ms Ramirez's boyfriend Kristopher Dixon on Broome's main street.

The accused has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Mr Camus, a 24-year-old French national working in the laundry of a local hotel while living in Broome, allegedly stabbed Mr Dixon, 32, three times up against a gate outside a local bar after Mr Dixon assaulted his two friends and walked away.

Ms Ramirez told the Broome jury that she and Mr Dixon were visiting Broome from South Hedland and had spent Christmas Eve shopping and seeing the sights with Mr Dixon's young son before they decided to go out late at night.

She said she and Mr Dixon had started bickering as they headed into town, he was not in a good mood and she did not see him for part of the night.

Ms Ramirez said inside the nightclub, Bungalow Bar, a man shouldered Mr Dixon on the dancefloor, resulting in a fight and her boyfriend being thrown out by bouncers.

She said he was in a scuffle with bouncers before she managed to get Mr Dixon to walk away with her cousin Samantha Thurlow.

Ms Ramirez recalled Mr Dixon getting into physical fights with two groups of men in quick succession as they walked along Dampier Terrace, intending to go back to their hotel.

She said she and Mr Dixon saw one of the men push Ms Thurlow, prompting Mr Dixon to run back to defend her, hitting a couple of men.

It is alleged the second group Mr Dixon fought with included the accused and his two friends Simon Diguet and Yoann Pineau.

Ms Ramirez said Mr Dixon was involved in a fight up against a gate and then he "staggered" across the road. She said the other men Mr Dixon had fought with inside the club caught up with him and started "booting into him on the ground."

"Sammy and I came over pushing the guys away," Ms Ramirez said.

"Some woman said he's been stabbed, put some pressure to his wounds."

Ms Ramirez admitted her recollection of the night was "mixed up".

The jury has been shown graphic and violent footage a passer-by filmed on his mobile phone that allegedly depicts Mr Dixon punching two of the French nationals before he was attacked and kicked on the ground by four men, after he had been stabbed.

The fatal stab wound penetrated Mr Dixon's heart and entered his right lung, the court was told.

Bouncers at the Bungalow Bar have testified the three Frenchmen were refused entry twice because they were drunk before they crossed paths with Mr Dixon, but were not angry at not being allowed in.

The jury has heard how Mr Dixon allegedly punched a crowd controller inside the Bungalow Bar before being thrown out.

State prosecutor Amanda Burrows sad Mr Camus told police he could not remember if he had stabbed Mr Dixon, but did not believe he had done so.

Ms Burrows argued Mr Camus was not telling police the whole truth, including that he had not seen his two friends be assaulted.

Special arrangements have been made for this trial, including extra security and two court-appointed French interpreters who are translating proceedings for Mr Camus and his family, who have flown in from France.

The trial, expected to run for four weeks before Chief Justice Wayne Martin, continues.

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