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Buswell puts price on light rail plan
Buswell puts price on light rail plan

Transport Minister Troy Buswell has finally unveiled the cost of the Liberal Party’s MAX light rail project – and it’s $1.8 billion.

Mr Buswell made the announcement at a campaign event outside the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre in Inglewood, where one of the northern tram line’s 15 stops will be built.

The Government says the line will run from the Polytechnic West campus at Balga to the city before splitting to run east-west through either the Hay or Murray Street malls. The east-west line will run from the QEII Medical Centre to Victoria Park just over the causeway.

Mr Buswell said MAX, which he described as a “transformational project", would commence construction in 2016 and be open by the end of 2018 and carry about 25,000 people a day by 2020.

He said the $1.8 billion cost was a “realistic, accurate price tag”.

“I am very confident we can deliver the project for that amount of money and I contrast it completely to the Labor Party approach to planning their rail system,” he said.

The announcement comes a day after the Liberals announced plans for an airport rail line through to Forrestfield at a cost of $1.9 billion.

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