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Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne says the federal government is unravelling like Hitler's government in the movie Downfall.

He says the resignations of two senior ministers and Prime Minister Julia Gillard's cabinet reshuffle after she announced a September 14 election shows the government is divided and dysfunctional.

"This government is starting to resemble a scene from Downfall," Mr Pyne told reporters in Adelaide, referring to the 2004 film that depicts the final days of Hitler's reign.

He also likened the Labor ructions to a plot from Home and Away.

"This government appears to be unravelling on a daily basis. If this is what it's like after three days of election campaign, what would another three years of a Labor government do?"

Mr Pyne says the coalition by contrast has a stable frontbench.

"We don't have a great need to reshuffle our frontbench because we're very happy with the job they're doing."


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