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Family turfed out after complaints

After 10 years living in their Waikiki house, Grant Langheinrich and Nicole Sheridan have less than three weeks to find a place for their family of seven to stay.

The couple and their five children, aged between four and 16, have been evicted from their Department of Housing and Works house after a series of disputes with their neighbour, but they claim they have been treated unfairly.

The couple received strikes for swearing and after police were called to the house on several occasions. But they say in one case it was them calling to complain about their neighbour.

Mr Langheinrich said it was a long-running dispute that had got out of hand.

"Now we're being evicted and we have nowhere to go," he said.

Their local MP and shadow health minister, Roger Cook, said he believed the case was a grave miscarriage of justice. "They're alleged to have transgressed on the basis of complaints from one particular individual and residents on the rest of the street have declared their support," he said.

"These allegations have been unsubstantiated and not corroborated by any other members of the community."

Department executive director of service delivery Steve Altham said strikes were given only when substantiated.

He alleged the couple made threats against neighbours in front of department staff and was abusive and aggressive when interviewed by staff.

They have been given until January 17 to leave the premises.

Rhianna King

The West Australian

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