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Barrister Lloyd Rayney has ceased engaging in legal practice weeks after he was acquitted of murdering his wife Corryn Rayney.

The claim is contained in a media release issued by the Legal Practice Board this afternoon, which is responsible for assessing allegations of conduct by legal practitioners and launching disciplinary action.

Mr Rayney was found not guilty on November 1 after a 12-week trial in which the State alleged he had killed Mrs Rayney at their Como family home while a daughter slept upstairs on August 7, 2007.

Mr Rayney was named by police as the prime and only suspect in his wife's murder within months of her body being discovered in a Kings Park grave but was not charged until 2010.

He has since launched a defamation action against police, claiming their conduct damaged his legal career and reputation.

In acquitting Mr Rayney, Justice Brian Martin criticised some police conduct.

However, he also found that Mr Rayney had engaged in “discreditable conduct” that included lying under oath, falsely claiming legal professional privilege and illegal phone tapping.

The judgment was set to be scrutinised by the Legal Practice Board and Bar Council of the WA Bar Association to determine whether any action should be taken.

However, the Legal Practice Board today issued a statement saying:

"Lloyd Rayney has provided an undertaking to the Legal Practice Board that he has ceased engaging in legal practice, and that he will not recommence to engage in legal practice without first giving the Legal Practice Board 42 days notice of his intention to do so."

Prior to his Supreme Court trial and while charged with murder, Mr Rayney had consented to a condition that had prevented him from working on jury trials.

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