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Carles calls on Buswell to end soap opera
Fremantle MP Adele Carles faces the media discussing her distress at being sued by former partner Troy Buswell. She displays the writ against her. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian

Fremantle MP Adele Carles has called on Treasurer Troy Buswell, her former partner, to withdraw his multi million defamation case against her, admitting the case had become a “soap opera”.

At a press conference at her Fremantle electorate office this morning, Ms Carles described the legal action as “harassment, abuse of process and abuse of power”.

She warned Mr Buswell to drop the case or face more revelations about their private life being aired in public during the ensuing court case.

“This case will go on for years. Can you imagine, two years worth of our relationship with everything coming out? That’s where he’s heading if he drags this on,” she said.

“All of that (court process) is public, everything has to come out. I don’t want to do that, I want the process shut down so I can get on with my life, my job.”

Mr Buswell is suing Ms Carles for defamation over claims made about the Treasurer’s drunken behaviour, including allegedly “dry humping” the leg of a businessman at property developer Nigel Satterley’s house last year.

In a writ served on Ms Carles alleges nine separate defamatory communications made either by Ms Carles on Twitter or in the media, each carrying a maximum liability of $339,000.

Last Monday, Mr Satterley defended Mr Buswell by claiming Ms Carles was a “jilted lover” out for revenge – a claim Ms Carles today said she was considering suing the businessman over.

Adele Carles displays a card from Troy Buswell. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian

She produced a card she said she received from Mr Buswell in May asking to get back together, plus phone records of calls on November 27 she says were from him requesting the same thing.

“Because of this jilted lover theory which was put out on Monday, which forms the basis of this legal case of potential $3 million damages lawsuit against me, I have now produced evidence today to show you that Troy Buswell had in fact been pursuing me after I broke the relationship off on March the 17th,” she said.

Ms Carles said taxpayers were not paying her salary and that of Mr Buswell to engage in a “circus”.

“It is a circus, it’s a soap opera and I say stop it,” she said. “And if we go into court for two or three years it’s just going to continue. I’ve had enough.

“I’m a mother of three and I had friends say to me last night have you done your Christmas shopping yet, Adele? What’s that, I’m involved in this mess.”

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