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Two men have been arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage after a disturbance in Waikiki.

A police spokeswoman said police were called about 12.30am this morning to a disturbance in Carpul Place Waikiki.

"A birthday party at a home in the street had finished and several people had congregated
outside," she said.

It will be alleged an argument broke out between two offenders and two women aged 22 and 24.

One of the offenders allegedly pushed the women causing one to fall and hit her head.

"When a 23-year-old man went to their assistance the offender ran off, returning a short time
later armed with sticks and poles," the spokeswoman said.

"One of the offenders struck one of the women on the shoulder with a pole before hitting the
23-year-old man with the pole.

"The second offender picked up a broken bottle and struggled with the man who received a
gash to his upper arm before breaking free and retreating inside.

T"he offenders kicked at the front door and smashed a number of windows on the property
and windows of two cars."

Two men aged 25 and 27 were arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage.

Investigations are continuing by local detectives.

In an unrelated overnight incident a man was issued a move-on notice in North Perth.

"About 1:30am this morning, police were called to Kadina St North Perth after reports of a
small group of people loitering and walking in the street, blocking traffic flow," the police spokeswoman said.

"Police attended and the people dispersed along Charles Street. One move-on notice was issued to a 21-year-old man."

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