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Some people will try to sell anything on eBay - but this is eggstraordinary.

British forklift driver Mark Cameron was stunned when he did the shopping at his local store and found a perfectly rounded egg in the dozen he had bought.

Figuring he may have stumbled on a financial bonanza, and hoping to cash in on what he says is a "one-in-a-billion" discovery, Mr Cameron offered it for sale.

Britain's Sun newspaper reports the first bid he received was for 99p (about $1.50) but as the interest increased so did the bids, to 40 pounds (about $60).

Mr Cameron told The Sun: "I showed it to a lot of people. It’s certainly been a talking point. No one’s ever seen anything like it.

"I’ve looked it up online and I can only find two other people who have had one."

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