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The festive season brings with it more and more warnings each year.

This year, escalators are the subject of an awareness campaign.

A CCTV video from London's Euston Station is showing the perils of high heels on escalators.

A commuter wearing heels has trouble with an escalator. Photo: Supplied

The video was released as part of a broader campaign to educate commuters about the dangers of stiletto heels and luggage when negotiating escalators.

The British Daily Mail website said Network Rail released CCTV images of one woman's unceremonious journey at London Euston in a campaign to urge commuters to take extra care over Christmas.

A rail passenger trips. Photo: Supplied

"More than 3,000 people slipped, tripped or fell at railway stations in the past 12 months," the Mail said.

"Luggage is often a culprit, with incidents involving people lugging suitcases and bags up by 70 per cent in seven years."

Two drunk women come to grief. Photo: Supplied

Alcohol adds an additional dimension of danger during the festive season.

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