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Rottnest leaver falls from balcony
Picture: Lincoln Baker / The West Australian.

A 16-year-old leaver has had a lucky escape after falling from a balcony on Rottnest.

The boy was flown to Perth as a precaution last night after falling off the 3m high balcony.

Police said he was vomiting over the side when he lost his balance and fell about 8:30pm, but his injuries do not appear to be serious.

The near miss comes in the wake of the death of 17-year-old school leaver Isabelle Colman, who fell from a high-rise balcony on the Gold Coast last week.

The oncoming storm caused headaches for police last night when they were unable to evict 15 toolies after they were caught without accommodation. They were instead separated and kept under police supervision overnight.

The toolies, ranging in age from 18-21, will return to Perth on the 11.40am ferry, which is the only ferry to run between the island and Perth today due to the bad weather.

Police issued 20 liquor infringements, with some leavers receiving multiple fines.

Celebrations in Dunsborough were subdued, with bad weather forcing police to close the Leavers Zone.

Police issued just five liquor infringements and one juvenile caution as a result.

Regular activities are expected to resume as the weather clears today.

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