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Undercover angel slips in
Melissa George as wronged spy Sam Hunter.

Melissa George kicks some serious butt as wronged spy Sam Hunter in the eight-part BBC One and Cinemax thriller Hunted.

And just like a spy, she managed to slip into WA for three days last month undetected by the media.

"Can you believe that - it was fascinating even for me," George told AAA from Sydney yesterday.

"I literally arrived at Perth Airport, my sister picked me up, we went home to her house, the next morning we took off for the country.

"I went to my sister's wedding, I was there for three days, I drove home, to the airport, and then flew back to Paris. Nobody knew."

George hasn't been so lucky in Sydney, where she landed this week to play Joel Edgerton's wife in his police thriller Felony.

Her moves have been snapped for press, including the Mail Online, which published a photo of her looking at wedding dresses, leading George to tweet yesterday: "No I was not looking at wedding dresses 4 me & no one is pregnant, nor talking about it contrary 2 what u like 2 write."

The Perth-raised actress sounded tired and said she had been feeling unwell; little surprise given she evacuated her apartment in New York last week during Hurricane Sandy, flew to London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show at the weekend (demonstrating her spy moves, her hemming product Style Snaps, rollerskating and poking fun at her accent on Home and Away), then into Sydney to start work.

"Oh my God, The Jonathan Ross Show. If I had missed that I'd have been so upset; breaking his neck, sticking him together, pulling open his buttons and rollerskating," she laughed.

George will return to Sydney for more filming of Felony next month but is unlikely to be in Perth for Christmas with French boyfriend Jean-David Blanc.

She has taken up Blanc's sport of paramotoring - a parachute with a motor - that nearly cost him his life, as detailed in his new book 3 Jours Au Nepal.

"He was in Nepal a year-and-a-half ago and the cloud cover got thick and he crashed into the Nepalese mountains and was missing for three days," George said.

"The Dalai Lama was on the news praying for him. It is an extraordinary book."

Hunted starts on SBS One on November 24.

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