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Scaffidi in war of words
Scaffidi in war of words

Lisa Scaffidi has fought back against "horrible and bitchy" comments about her bid to be named World Mayor 2012 and pleaded with people to be nicer to one another.

It comes after a weekend report in which fellow City of Perth councillor Judy McEvoy said the Lord Mayor's involvement in the international competition was motivated by vanity and self-promotion.

The rift between the pair was further exposed yesterday when Ms Scaffidi attributed the comments to the "stirrings of one jealous woman".

"It hurts a little bit as you are only human and when you work hard and put the hours in that I do, you just get shocked by such horrible bitchy antics," she wrote on Facebook.

"People wonder why more decent people don't run for public office any more. I'll tell you why - you just get worn down by this sort of crap."

She hoped the people of Perth would get behind her tilt at the title because it was a chance to promote the city to an international audience.

"To get such an unfair hit for simply being in a global competition short-list?!?!? Go figure that one!!!" she wrote.

Cr McEvoy said yesterday she stood by her comments but denied she was jealous.

"I've had a look at this website and you ask yourself why aren't the most famous mayors in the world, such as the one from New York, in this competition," she said. "I think it's a big con job, personally."

Despite the public war of words, Cr McEvoy said the pair could work together.

Ms Scaffidi said she had learnt to work around "the backstabbing" and had been overwhelmed with supportive emails and messages.

"I am not affected by this but I want to use it as an example to young people and people generally that we can all often have 'turkeys' in our midst - those people who for whatever reason are resentful, jealous and bitter," she said.

"Underlying all of this though is the fact we need to all be nicer to one another and celebrate success more."

Ms Scaffidi is one of 25 mayors to be short-listed for World Mayor 2012 and the only Australian contender.

Voting for the competition closes in the next week and the winner will be announced in the first week of December.

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