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Teenager has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail
Teenager has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail

An 18-year-old celebrating her birthday was rushed to hospital to have her stomach removed in an emergency operation after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen.

Gabby Scanlon had been celebrating with friends at a bar in Lancaster when she was left feeling breathless before developing severe stomach pains.

She was rushed to Lancaster Royal Infirmary where she diagnosed with a perforated stomach and underwent immediate surgery to remove her stomach, The Daily Mail reports.

Miss Scanlon who was taken to the hospital on Thursday night, is said to be in a serious, but stable condition.

Though the cocktail reportedly contained jaegermeister, the cooling liquid was allegedly added to chill the drink and create a signature nitrogen grey smoke effect.

Lancashire Police have not named the place where she bought the cocktail, but say the bar has ceased selling it:

“The premises involved have fully cooperated with all agencies and have suspended drinks involving liquid nitrogen,” a spokesperson said.

“The investigation is still in its early stages and we are still interviewing witnesses to establish the full facts.”

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