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A shark filmed by Mathew Hurley in Cockburn Sound on Saturday.

Two great white sharks were sighted in Cockburn Sound this morning.

Fisheries advised the animals, 3.5m and 2m in length, had been sighted about 9.30am near a popular dive spot known as D9, where a sunken barge lies about 3km offshore.

The sighting comes less than a week after three recreational fishers encountered a 3m great white shark in the same area.

On Saturday, Mathew Hurley, 23, and his two friends were fishing near D9 when fellow fishermen alerted each other to the shark's presence.

Mr Hurley described the creature as "playful and curious".

He said the shark started taking the bait off fishing lines around the area before sniffing out the group's bait bag, which was floating beside his 6m runabout.

He was not threatened by the shark because "it looked like it had a little belly" and he even worked up the courage to stroke the animal when it approached the boat.

The men tied a snapper left over from their previous weekend's fishing expedition to a rope to entice the shark back when it started losing interest.

"We were throwing the rope up for about five to 10 minutes and then it came back around and that's when we started playing with it and touching it," Mr Hurley said.

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