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The Barnett Government spent more than $27,000 to come up with the name of its light rail network - and it could have just googled it.

The name - Metro Area Express or MAX - is the same as the light rail system in Portland, Oregon.

According to Wikipedia, Portland's light rail system was named MAX in 1986 after an employee contest.

Shadow transport minister Ken Travers said that consultants were paid $27,840 to develop the name and brand for MAX.

"This is an extraordinary amount of money to spend on a name that could have easily been discovered through internet searches," Mr Travers said.

"The Barnett Government has no idea how much the network will cost, where it will go or how it will operate but is spending money on its name and brand.

"I find it difficult to believe the branding strategy could not have been achieved without the need to engage a consultant.

"A good light rail plan would sell itself."

Mr Travers said the Barnett Government continued to engage in wasteful spending at a time when West Australians were struggling with soaring cost-of-living, cuts to front-line services and a congestion crisis on our roads.

"Government branding is an area from which the Barnett Government should be looking to identify savings," he said.

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