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Barnett protesters did casue no good
Protesters outside Colin Barnett's house in Cottesloe. Picture: Guy Magowan/The West Australian

Protesters who targeted Colin Barnett’s house while his wife was inside did their cause no good, the Premier said today.

Speaking for the first time about the security scare last week which involved the arrest of a protester who chained himself to the property, Mr Barnett said it was an invasion of privacy which angered him.

Forest Rescue and Aboriginal land rights protesters gathered outside the Claremont home from about 8.30am to 3.30pm last Friday.

The standoff only ended when Mr Barnett agreed to accept documents asserting Aboriginal sovereignty from protesters at his Cottesloe electorate office, but the Premier suggested the move was fruitless.

“I can say it had no influence over my decisions over anything to do with that group,” he said.

“When protests go into people’s private homes I think that is crossing the boundary so I think the people who were involved in that protest have done their cause no good at all.

“I accept and respect the right of anyone to protest and promote their cause but you need to do it within the proper way.”

Mr Barnett said his wife Lyn was not distressed but was angry about the protest – and so was he.

“It certainly was an invasion of privacy and you certainly don’t go into people’s private homes, there are plenty of ways of expressing your point of view and protesting if you want to do that.”

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