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Court retraces Corryn s last night alive
The trial moves to the site where Corryn's car was found. Picture: Bill Hatto/The West Australian

UPDATE: 12.30PM Lloyd Rayney's WA Supreme Court murder trial has spent the day retracing what the prosecution claim was wife Corryn's last night alive.

Mr Rayney has pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife.

Today his defence team, prosecutors and Justice Brian Martin visited the site of her grave, the Rayney's Como home and the Bentley Community Centre where she was last seen alive.

The liquid amber tree outside the Rayney's home, seeds from which form part of the prosecution's forensic case, appeared to have been recently pruned back.

The court also visited the Kings Park site where a dinner place card with Mr Rayney's name on it was found and Kershaw Street in Subiaco where her car was discovered.

The car's damaged transmission is what led police to Mrs Rayney's bush grave via a trail of oil from the tree-lined Subiaco street to Kings Park.

The court heard yesterday Mr Rayney allegedly killed his wife and buried her head first in Kings Park to speed up the decomposition process and conceal the cause of death.

Prosecutor John Agius spent much of the day detailing the chronology and extent of the Rayney's marriage breakdown. The court also heard details of Mr Rayney's alleged gambling habits and infidelity.

The court will not sit again until Tuesday next week when the first witness of the case is expected to be called.

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