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Janoksians sign autographs at Whitfords this morning. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian

Move over Justin Bieber and One Direction, there's a new group of boys stealing the hearts of Perth's teenage girls.

The Janoskians, short for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation, are a Melbourne-based comedy group who have found fame posting videos on YouTube.

At least 3000 teenage girls cried and screamed their way through a line to meet the boys at Westfield Whitfords today.

Dedicated fans camped out from 4am this morning for their opportunity to get up close and personal with the group.

Comprising of brothers Beau, 18, Jai, 17 and Luke Brooks, 17, and their friends Daniel Sahyounie, 17, and James Yammouni, 16 the group's YouTube channel has nearly 241,000 subscribers and almost 26 million video views.

The boys' post skits, stunts and mockumentaries to their channel and regularly interact with fans via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Year 9 Mercedes College students Natasha Bengura, Jelvia Paclibar, Claudia Lewis, Christy Kinsella and Luissa Fabriziani stood in line for over six hours to see their idols. Claudia, 14, suffered a nose bleed and had to be pulled out of the line but that wasn't enough to dampen her spirits.

Speaking after she met with the boys Claudia was overwhelmed with emotion, crying with joy.

Friend Natasha, 14, also cried and said the boys were inspirational and had "pretty boy swagger".

Crowds for the Janoskians overshadowed those for The Voice winner Karise Eden who also performed and met with around 1000 fans earlier this morning.

Fans go mad for Janoskians. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian
Karise Eden performs at Whitfords. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian
Janoskians meet fans at Whitford City shopping centre. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian

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