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My stay in rehab was lifesaver
'My stay in rehab was lifesaver'

It cost him $40,000 but Michael, a 62-year-old Perth businessman, says he would not be alive now if he had not sought treatment at The Cabin two years ago.

He says a long-standing dependence on the painkiller Tramadol had wrecked his life and it took weeks of treatment in Thailand to wean off it and feel well again.

Michael says he was shocked at the range of people he saw at the centre, including a well-known rock star.

"That place saved my life, and they did it through education, and while I went through withdrawals I was well looked after," he said.

Michael said he started taking painkillers after back surgery but the dose kept increasing and his dependence grew.

"I was on those drugs for nine years and I was so addicted they were killing me and I didn't want to live any more," he said.

"I tried everything but nothing worked and then I searched on the internet and found this place and it appealed to me because I wanted to go somewhere where nobody knew me."

Michael said he had been in the best health of his life in the past two years and now did not drink alcohol because he had seen the damage it did to others.

He said he mixed with business people in Perth who drank a bottle of spirits a day and thought that was normal.

"I wish more people could use this place, because while I don't think it's expensive for the treatment you get, it's still out of reach for some," he said. "I spent about $40,000 all-up but I was spending that much a year on drugs anyway."

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