Canning Vale garden find not a cane toad
A Western Banjo frog was mistaken for a cane toad. Picture: Supplied

A cane toad has been found in a Canning Vale garden.

Jane Halligan was digging a whole in her backyard on Burnside Terrace yesterday afternoon when she made the discovery.

Mrs Halligan who moved to Perth from Queensland about 7 years ago said she knew immediately that it was a cane toad.

"I was digging a hole trying to transplant a plant and there it was-it was just sitting there, black and horrible," she said.

"I was pretty small so I suspect there is a mum and dad lurking around somewhere.

"Back in Queensland I would find them in the garden all the time-a big one and six babies just hiding there-it's horrible."

Mrs Halligan said she put the toad in a bucket and rang the Department of Conservation. The animal will be picked up by the DEC this morning.

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