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4000km bike ride to help Lifeline
4000km bike ride to help Lifeline

It is an epic journey cycling from Darwin to Perth but James Quinton knows when he sets off this month that every kilometre will count.

Mr Quinton, a researcher at the University of WA, is tackling the 4000km-plus ride to raise money for Lifeline's suicide prevention services and awareness about depression, mental health and wellbeing.

It is a subject, tragically, he knows a lot about - Mr Quinton lost his brother Justin to suicide in 2007 and a number of friends who took their own lives.

"There are people out there who find it very difficult to even get out of bed and suicide is the leading cause of death of people my age in Australia," the 30-year-old said.

"This ride is for them." An experienced cyclist who has done long treks before, the West Perth resident has been riding 50km a day for six months to prepare for the seven-week trip, which he will do unsupported with little baggage apart from provisions and a tent.

"I'm a little bit nervous," he said.

"And staying motivated will be a challenge. I'm attempting to cycle six to eight hours a day for seven weeks straight with a couple of rest days chucked in."

Mr Quinton, who hopes to raise $50,000 for Lifeline, praised the organisation for the help and support it offers people experiencing mental health issues or who are at risk of suicide.

To donate, visit www.everyday

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