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Australia s biggest pink diamond unearthed
Expert diamond cutter Richard How Kim Kam examines the 12.76 carat pink diamond. Picture: Dione Davidson/The West Australian

Australia’s biggest pink rough diamond has been unearthed in the East Kimberley.

The 12.76 carat sparkler which was discovered at the Rio Tinto Argyle mine is among the largest and most valuable pink diamonds in the world.

The rarest of diamonds, pink diamonds are known to fetch about $1 million per carat on the market.

The diamond which will be known as the Argyle Pink Jubilee is a light pink in colour, similar to the Williamson Pink, a diamond given to Queen Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

In the next few weeks the diamond will be polished and graded by a team of international experts and
showcased to the world before being sold as part of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender later this year.

Argyle Pink Diamonds Manager Josephine Johnson said royalty and celebrities will be among those bidding for the one of a kind diamond.

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