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Busy Kate the super cop on wheels
Busy 'Kate' the super cop on wheels

The computer voice inside WA Police's new state-of-the-art patrol vehicle could well be the busiest police officer in the State.

Nicknamed "Kate", she is the mouthpiece for the patrol car's four roof-mounted cameras, which automatically scan numberplates.

And she sounds like a broken record. "Unregistered vehicle . . . unlicensed driver . . . multiple violations . . . alert . . . unregistered vehicle."

_The West Australian _took a 30-minute ride in the front seat of the high-tech patrol vehicle, the only one in the State, and the results were staggering.

Of 1025 vehicles, "Kate" identified 74 for possible offences - a ratio which our chaperone, Acting Sgt Greg Robinson, said was about average.

"And you'd be surprised how many times an offence like an unregistered vehicle turns into something much more serious," Sgt Robinson said.

"It's true: bad people do bad things, and more often than not they're on the roads to do them."

"Kate" is the first step in what WA Police hopes will be the future of on-road policing.

She scans every vehicle the patrol car passes and alerts officers to any offences.

And depending on a funding announcement expected in March, another 48 could be on the road.

The car is like a mobile office, with computer and internet connection, police database technology and multiple cameras. It also has fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology

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