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Just weeks after Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans courted controversy by rejecting traditional sunscreen as “toxic”, his wife Nicola Robinson Evans has revealed she does not use fluoride …

Sm Mitchell's demeanour on the football field is almost unique, one that sends a powerful message to anyone who dares to challenge him.

WA’s new $85 million oil and gas listing is getting back to business, refocusing on the abundance of opportunities on its radar after the disruption of the company’s initial public offer.

Struggling supermarket giant Woolworths is slashing 500 jobs and will take a charge of $959 million against its profit as it continues restructuring its operations.

The Olympic Village in Rio officially opened its doors to the world's athletes on Sunday, but Australia, Britain and Brazil spurned the facility, which was dubbed "not safe or ready."

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis has warned against using the word “terrorism” too loosely as investigations continue into the motives behind the Munich mass shooting.

Despite setting a world record at the weekend, Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov had just one thing on his mind yesterday — sleep.

Plenty of training is being put in for the Avon Descent, including at Bells Rapids, left, as paddlers prepare for the 124km event on August 6 and 7.

Convicted terrorists who have not been rehabilitated in jail would be indefinitely detained under new laws Malcolm Turnbull wants adopted across the country.

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