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February 8 - March 2

  1. REVIEW: The Loneliest Planet

    REVIEW: The Loneliest Planet

    Anyone who has travelled for longish periods in the company of others knows that a shared exotic experience can cement a relationship or can drive a wedge so deep it never recovers.

  2. REVIEW: Tabu

    REVIEW: Tabu

    Once more we plunge back into the world of silent cinema, in which another director, Miguel Gomes of Portugal, uses black-and-white film and, in the second half of Tabu, no dialogue.

  3. REVIEW: Blancanieves

    REVIEW: Blancanieves

    The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius' best picture Oscar winner from last year, delighted us because of the accuracy with which it mimicked the look and style of Hollywood movies in the pre-talkies era.

  4. REVIEW: Violeta Went to Heaven

    REVIEW: Violeta Went to Heaven

    Towards the end of this biopic of the renowned Chilean folk singer Violeta Parra the film's scarily intense, deeply troubled heroine is asked by a television interviewer what advice she would give to young artists.

  5. REVIEW: Trois Generations

    REVIEW: Trois Generations

    The concept behind French choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta's Trois Generations is not complicated.

  6. REVIEW: Antibalas plus The Herbaliser

    To close the 2013 PIAF Festival Gardens, you would be hard pressed to find more fitting acts.

  7. REVIEW: Bluebeard's Castle and The Wooden Prince

    Bluebeard's Castle, a one-acter by Bartok, will never be top of the opera pops.

  8. A triumph in every possible way

    A triumph in every possible way

    Performers took their last bows last night to close the Perth International Arts Festival, having helped make it the most successful in recent memory.

  9. REVIEW: Kronos Quartet

    To listen to the Kronos Quartet is to be drawn into all manner of fascinating new music worlds, as much likely to uplift as to challenge - and occasionally to bewilder.

  10. Afro beat groove in last Gardens Gig

    Afro beat groove in last Gardens Gig

    New York band Antibalas - bulletproof in Spanish - is largely responsible for the global explosion of Afro beat music.

  11. REVIEW: Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet

    REVIEW: Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet

    It's hard to believe that these two legendary forces of American avant-garde music have never worked together before now.

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