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Jan 25 - Feb 24

  1. REVIEW: Soires Fantastiques

    As adults, it’s hard to suspend belief long enough for a magic trick to actually be impressive.

  2. REVIEW: Psychonaut Laser Hell

    Psychonaut represent a novel inclusion to the Fringe program.

  3. REVIEW: Folklahoma!

    When people talk of Perth’s music scene, the defining genre does not always stand out as folk.

  4. REVIEW: Bane

    "The name's Bane, Bruce Bane. I'm a hired hand that gets the job done."

  5. Fringe wraps up in winning style

    Fringe wraps up in winning style

    It's the sort of publicity that no billboard or TV tourism campaign can buy.

  6. 'Festival gem' wins top Fringe prize

    'Festival gem' wins top Fringe prize

    Minnie and Mona, described by The West Australian theatre reviewer David Zampatti as “a finely cut Fringe festival gem”, has taken out the top prize for 2013.

  7. Review: Never Mind the Monsters, Bane 2 and Le Foulard

    Lucy Hopkins only made one mistake in her magnetic, witty Le Foulard - its fabulous first line: "You are about to receive something of a very high quality." There's no denying that what followed was. What she didn't know, however, is that the "about" was redundant; we'd already had "very high quality" twice that night in the Blue Room's Summer Nights series.

  8. REVIEW: The Three Little Pigs


  9. REVIEW: A Midsummer Night's Dream

    REVIEW: A Midsummer Night's Dream


  10. REVIEW: Circus Freak Show


  11. REVIEW: The Improved

    The Improved

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