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  1. Revenge


    There's all sorts of crazy going down in the Hamptons this week with Emily/Amanda becoming increasingly distressed that daddy dearest, the very undead David Clarke, has been visiting her grave.

  2. Modern Family

    Modern Family

    The Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett- Delgado clan make a welcome return in two new episodes, the second of which is devoted to Haley's birthday celebrations.

  3. 12 Monkeys

    12 Monkeys

    If the premise of travelling back in time to stop something bad happening in the future sounds familiar, in this case it has good reason.

  4. My Kitchen Rules

    My Kitchen Rules

    It's back to Perth for round two of the instant restaurants, with WA friends Debra and Eva feeling confident they can out-cook besties Sheri and Emilie.

  5. Nowhere Boys

    Nowhere Boys

    The pace is picking up now that the boys have found their water element and Felix can successfully cast spells.

  6. Family Feud

    Family Feud

    Family Feud has proved a bright spot in Ten's programming.

  7. Scandal


    With all the wheeling and dealing that Olivia Pope and the folk in the White House do, there are bound to be repercussions and this episode sees everyone facing the consequences.

  8. Jamie Cooks Summer

    Jamie Cooks Summer

    We often complain about Australia's searing heat but considering the Brits hardly enjoy sun-filled summers, we should probably count ourselves lucky, at least according to Jamie Oliver.

  9. Madam Secretary

    Madam Secretary

    After last week's bombshell revealed Marsh had planned to run for president before he perished in a plane crash, the conspiracy surrounding his death seems to take a back seat in this episode to delve into Elizabeth's own murky past.

  10. It's a Date

    It's a Date

    Perth comedian Joel Creasey delivers a stand-out performance in this episode of It's a Date, which wraps another hilarious season.

  11. Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour

    Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour

    Part two of the excellent documentary marking Countdown's 40th anniversary ushers in the era of mullets, Grease tights and shoulder pads.

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