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Go Back is clever, powerful and emotive television and is bound to push buttons and challenge beliefs.

A charismatic cult leader with a penchant for polygamy and a side business in storing weapons for criminal organisations drops off the grid.

There’s more to Irish food than Guinness and potatoes as we discover under the guidance of Colin Fassnidge.

Only Gordon Ramsay can get away with threatening someone with violence.

We’ve gone from sadist to sex maniac in season five of the world’s most watched show

After Tim and Anastasia’s dramatic exit, will four apartments be going under the hammer on auction day?

It’s always fun and games in Surfers Paradise — until the cops arrive on the scene.

American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott kicks some serious butt in this gripping psychological drama.

It’s hard not to be moved by the tragic stories at the heart of this feature-length indigenous drama.

Summer Bay’s unwavering community spirit shines through in this emotionally-charged episode.

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for, where Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke finally meets dad, David Clarke.

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