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A little fact and a little fiction, this series is loosely based on the hunt for serial killer Charles Manson.

Next month is so packed with new and returning TV series that anyone would think it was the start of a new ratings year not the end of one.

Factual series Highway Patrol, about speeding and belligerent drivers, was the most popular non-news show on Monday, while drama House Husbands took a major hit in the TV ratings.

A new series of top 1980s British comedy Blackadder is “on the cards“, star Sir Tony Robinson has said, as long as they can afford Hugh Laurie’s wages.

He’s one of Australia’s young television stars and isn’t used to being made fun of on national TV — but that’s exactly what happens when Johnny Ruffo lets cameras inside his family home.

Action-packed drama The Blacklist sees its characters regularly dodging bullets and explosions — except for one, tech analyst Aram Mojtabai, who for the most part remains safely behind his computer …

It’s reigning cats and dogs in the ratings for the Seven Network after Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud was watched by more than one million viewers on Tuesday.

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