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Business in paradise
Business in paradise

Four lucky Home and Away cast members had the chance to say aloha to Hawaii in March when they spent eight days in the tropical paradise filming three episodes.

One was Logie-winner Georgie Parker, who joined the long-running Seven series last year as Alf's now adult daughter Roo Stewart.

In the episodes to air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Roo and Romeo (Luke Mitchell) set off to Hawaii to attend a tourism expo.

Roo is unimpressed when Romeo says he has cashed in his business class fare for two cheap seats so that girlfriend Indi (Samara Weaving) can join them.

Equally unimpressed is Indi's dad Sid (Robert Mammone), still smarting over the fact Indi has moved out of home.

"I think Roo has just championed Romeo's cause a bit - she sees a young man who has some drive and wants to encourage him to do his best," said Parker of the trip to look at tourism franchise opportunities.

Indi, a business student, proves to be quite the asset on the beach with her bikini and brains winning over Roo and Romeo's Hawaiian business acquaintance Marty. Marty is soon putting a proposal to Indi that leads to one from Romeo and sends Sid running to the airport, passport in hand, putting Roo into a mild panic. She feels responsible for what happens to the young lovebirds on her watch even though Indi was not supposed to be there.

"She is trying to not be the chaperone. She wanted to go to do a business trip and is trying to get that back on task but, of course, not a lot of business happens and she goes into damage control," Parker said.

Back in Summer Bay, Sid has had a few too many drinks and is again reconsidering his relationship with Marilyn. Could sparks fly with Roo when he arrives in Hawaii?

"Obviously, there's still some sort of tension there and I won't give anything away, but Roo is trying to stay out of a relationship because of Marilyn," Parker said.

Parker, who last visited Hawaii 15 years ago with her mum, said apart from the first day off to recover from jetlag there was little time to play tourist. They spent most of the time filming in Waikiki where, coincidentally, Cougar Town was also shooting a special.

The beach scenes are all quite bright compared with those shot at Palm Beach in NSW.

"I think if you're going to compare beaches you can't beat Australia because the beaches are bigger and there are less people on them, but as far as the light goes it was very bright over there. But you don't feel the heat from the sun over there as much; it is more debilitating in Australia whereas in Hawaii it was much gentler."

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