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Has reality TV hit rock bottom or has E! Network hit solid gold with its new show Pretty Wild?

What started out as another C-grade Hollywood family making a tenuous bid for fame became something else altogether in October when police raided the home of former Playboy model Andrea Neiers while E!'s cameras were rolling.

They found a Marc Jacobs handbag and a Chanel necklace, allegedly the property of Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan respectively, and arrested Alexis, one of Andrea's three daughters, charging her with robbing the home of Orlando Bloom.

She is said to have been part of the Bling Ring, a group of well-connected kids who, when they could not buy what they wanted, stole it from the homes of the glitterati.

E! did not hesitate for a second, the cameras kept rolling as the network's marketing president Suzanne Kolb said with considerable understatement: "The incident faced by the family didn't make it less interesting."

Pretty Wild premiered in the US a week ago and will start here on April 6. It may be just as well Alexis has a taste for bling because Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd started his review of the show with: "Western civilisation comes just a littler closer to its final collapse with the premiere of Pretty Wild."

He adds: "With its mix of pole dancing and prayer circles, lingerie modelling and legal problems, its graceless pacing and scattershot storytelling, this is one of the odder, more psychically exhausting reality shows to come down the pike.

"The genre seems increasingly devoted to mocking people too eager for attention to get the joke."

Not warm words of praise for a peek at the life of Andrea and her party bunny daughters Tess, 20, Alexis, 19, and 16-year-old Gabby.

In the first episode, Tess and Alexis are thrilled to see their dreams coming true when they score modelling contracts to represent the sexy Biatta Intimates line, which will put them in the spotlight at LA Fashion Week.

But when Alexis' name hits the news for allegedly being part of a burglary ring targeting celebrities, the lingerie line pull her from the campaign.

Pretty Wild airs Tuesday, April 6 at 10pm (EST) on E!

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