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REVIEW: Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy
REVIEW: Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy

  • Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy *


It might seem like over-egging the pudding to suggest a cooking program, even a daytime one, at this time of the year but any thought of eating sensibly has gone for a Burton anyway. Having met Briton Lorraine Pascale some time ago on pay TV, it's a fine thing to rediscover her here, and to enjoy her pleasantly simple approach to baking, which she defines as anything cooked in the oven, sweet or savoury. She dishes up a fair old variety of dishes here, including a tarted-up Swiss roll which she says is only vaguely reminiscent of the one her nan used to make. No doubt true, because it uses mascarpone and I bet her nan had never heard of that. She also makes some focaccia, the ubiquitous mac'n'cheese and unlocks the mysteries of meringue, including the version many of us ate on Christmas Day, pavlova. You may not learn much new here in the way of new techniques but the results look, well, good enough to eat.

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