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REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Snowmen
REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Snowmen

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With a new companion, new-look Tardis, new enemies, new theme song and the promise of a new apocalypse threatening mankind, there is plenty for Doctor Who fans to look forward to in tonight's Christmas special.

Still mourning the loss of companions Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill), the Doctor (Matt Smith) is prepared to let the universe look after itself for a while until he is approached by Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) - a Victorian-era governess who sees something amiss in snow falling from a cloudless winter sky. Writer Steven Moffat promised a darker, scarier special this year compared with the almost panto-ish offerings of previous Christmases, and the ominous razor-teethed snowmen certainly fit the bill.

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