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REVIEW: Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy
REVIEW: Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy

Lorraine Pascale: Baking Made Easy

There is something unfair about a model who leaves the catwalk to make cakes and stays thin as a rake.

Lorraine Pascale worked as a model around the world for 17 years before returning to Britain, training as a baker and opening her own Covent Garden cake shop.

She is a natural for television, so it was not long before she was snapped up and, as she keeps her baking at a level all of us can reach, she will be as popular here as she has been in the UK.

Her show is not just about cakes but she does confine herself to dishes that have to be baked in the oven.

She starts with some easy-to-make parmesan and poppyseed lollipops that are bound to feature at some Perth parties this summer.

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