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Lincoln lands earthy role in US
Lincoln Lewis.

Fresh from working with Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith and auditioning for dozens of pilot TV roles in the US, it’s safe to say Aussie heart-throb Lincoln Lewis has a big year ahead.

The Brisbane native ventured to Los Angeles earlier this year to try his luck at America’s chaotic pilot season, where close to 80 TV roles are up for grabs.

Though competition is fierce, Lewis said the experience in itself was enough to keep him motivated.

“It’s a bit of an eye-opening to say the least,” he told AAA.

“(In Australia) we’re used to getting an audition every now and then but over there for pilot season, we’re doing about four a day.”

Sure enough, Lewis hit the jackpot, scoring a meaty role in the sci-fi blockbuster After Earth, starring alongside Smith and his actor son Jaden Smith.

“I was really stoked,” Lewis said. “I got flown out to Philadelphia and did a week of shooting there, then we had a bit of a break because Will had to promote Men in Black 3, so they put the production on hold. Then we picked it up about a month later and production flew me to Utah where we did a bit of filming in the desert for two weeks.”

All up, Lewis spent close to four months in the US and plans to head back to LA early next year.

“I’ll be staying for about five months this time,” he said. “It’s again for pilot season, but then we’re releasing After Earth worldwide in July.”

Though disappointed his opportunities to work on home soil fell through — both Nine’s Tricky Business and the sequels to Tomorrow, When the World Began were axed — Lewis hopes something will crop up.

“I can only keep my fingers crossed that (After Earth) will help me get a second look-in,” he said.

Fans can get up close and personal with the Aussie star at Crown Perth this weekend, with the 25-year-old appearing at Eve Nightclub tomorrow night.

Lewis said he had extended his visit and planned to hit some of WA’s beaches.

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