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Redfern Now: Thursday, 8.30pm, ABC1
Supplied Episode 1 of the ABC's Redfern Now

Redfern Now: Thursday, 8.30pm, ABC1

The first instalment in the six-part drama series offers a refreshing and, at times, heartbreaking look at a modern indigenous Australian family.

Just as Grace, Wesley and their two children are off on the holiday of a lifetime, they receive a call from the young son of Grace's mentally ill sister Lily (WAAPA graduate Shareena Clanton).

The stoic, pragmatic and loyal Grace (played phenomenally by Leah Purcell) is forced to weigh up the needs of her own children and that of her niece and nephew who need a roof over their heads.

This first episode in the series - which is written, directed and produced by indigenous Australians - is a courageous endeavour well worth a watch.