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Mirror-loving Melbourne model Ryan Buckingham became the second house mate evicted on the Nine Network's reality series Big Brother, which threw up a new twist on Sunday night.

After Buckingham was evicted, the show's host Sonia Kruger said goodbye to the remaining dozen house mates who were watching her on the television screen inside the compound at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

However, instead of the screen shutting off, the house mates were duped into thinking the live feed had been accidentally left on.

Kruger then announced on the show that there was a second Big Brother house which was actually a room full of paid actors.

The show's producers this week will make the house mates think their existence on Big Brother depends upon winning challenges against the fake second set of house mates.

Nominations for the next eviction will take place on Monday night after one of the closest voting results in Australian Big Brother history.

Just a few per cent separated the three eviction nominees - check-out chap Bradley, Melbourne account manager Benjamin and Buckingham - on Sunday night.

Benjamin received the most votes from the house mates during nominations last Monday, however it was Ryan who was told "it's time to go".

Buckingham, who admits to being obsessed with health and fitness and considers his worst habit "looking at myself in the mirror" was the eviction favourite with bookmakers and Sportingbet.

This year viewers are being asked to save and not evict via SMS, phone or Facebook.

Bradley received 35 per cent of the votes to save followed by Benjamin with 33 per cent and Buckingham with 32 per cent.

Buckingham's departure means there is a now an even spread of males and females among the 12 remaining house mates.

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