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Seven is celebrating with the four top-rating shows on Tuesday night, while SBS has a rare appearance in the Top Ten but I Will Survive is continuing its downward spiral at No.32.

The X Factor continues to impress, drawing in 1.578 million viewers across the five-city metro network.

It was followed by Seven News (1.197 million), Winners & Losers (1.180 million) and Today Tonight (1.088 million).

The Nine Network's top-rating show was Nine News (1.080 million), followed by its Big Brother daily show (1.064 million), which continues to rate steadily.

Seven's Home and Away came in at No.7 with 1.062 million viewers, just beating A Current Affair (1.034 million) and ABC News (1.020 million).

The debut night for the second series of SBS's Go Back To Where You Came From gave the multicultural broadcaster a rare look-in at the top of the ratings with 752,000 viewers.

But Network Ten will again be wondering if survival is on the cards for its talent quest I Will Survive, which only managed 364,000 viewers on Tuesday, continuing its ratings plummet from its 506,000 premiere on August 21.

It looks to follow in the footsteps of Ten's other talent quest, Everybody Dance Now, which suffered a similar slide before getting the chop on the day I Will Survive premiered.

Australian TV ratings for Tuesday night:

1. The X Factor (Seven) - 1.578 million

2. Seven News (Seven) - 1.197 million

3. Winners & Losers (Seven) - 1.180 million

4. Today Tonight (Seven) - 1.088 million

5. Nine News (Nine) - 1.080 million

6. Big Brother Tuesday (Nine) - 1.064 million

7. Home And Away (Seven) - 1.062 million

9. A Current Affair (Nine) - 1.034 million

8. ABC News (ABC) - 1.020 million

10. Go Back To Where You Came From (SBS) - 752,000

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