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Ten years ago, Lior Attar’s debut Autumn Flow helped blaze the trail for independent artists in Australia.

Late actor Heath Ledger based his famous role as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain on his “homophobic gay“ uncle, according to the film’s director Ang Lee.

Anything can happen on House Rules — just ask Matt Smith and Cassie Allan, who were eliminated from the series just days after topping the leaderboard.

Perth actress Tanya Jade is raring to take a bite out of the Big Apple after being accepted into a prestigious acting course in New York.

When he visited Rottnest Island this week, Canadian actor Nathan Fillion just couldn’t resist jumping on the “quokka selfie” bandwagon.

It’s with a heavy heart that Dancing with the Stars favourite Carmelo Pizzino will retire from the show after the upcoming season.

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