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Havana mixes it up
Havana mixes it up

She may have supported the likes of Lady Gaga, Wyclef Jean, Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls, played ultra-exclusive events such as Paris Hilton's New Year's Eve party and the official Grammys after-party alongside, but Australia's leading female DJ Havana Brown is pumped up to begin her own career as a pop superstar.

Just hours before Brown walked into The West Australian for an interview and photo shoot, she learnt her debut single as a solo artist had flown up the iTunes singles chart.

Brown's dance-pop track We Run the Night is sitting at No. 3 on the charts, a huge relief for the vivacious Melbourne born and raised blonde who has spent years planning her crossover from DJ to performer.

While she is one of the most in-demand DJs in the world - she has her own year-long residency at a popular Las Vegas nightclub - Brown told Access All Areas she wanted to be a pop star (her idol is Janet Jackson) long before she started to DJ.

"Way before I started DJ-ing, I was singing and performing. I was actually signed to a label in the UK with a group called Fishbowl," she said. "That fell apart and it was the reason I started to DJ, which was a blessing in disguise."

The 26-year- old was due to support the Chris Brown Perth concert on Tuesday night but it was cancelled because he was sick.

Brown - who also supported the troubled 21-year-old R&B star with his then girlfriend Rihanna on their 2008 Australian tour - denied rumours that the show was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

"He had been unwell for a little bit and it seemed to escalate in Brisbane," she said.

"I can say that Chris was definitely sick as was pretty much the whole crew. I was surprised I didn't get ill because I fly too much but I don't have time to get sick."

She also defended his personality, revealing he is nothing like the media's negative perception of him.

"Chris seems to get a lot of negative press because of his anger, but I have not seen anything of that. I don't think that is him naturally to be angry all the time. I think he gets portrayed that way. He is a fun-loving, chilled-out guy."

Despite the cancelled concert, Brown is still in WA for her own gigs, taking place at the Bungalow Bar in Broome tonight and Metropolis Fremantle tomorrow.