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Wire Vs...The Paper Kites
The Paper Kites. Picture: Supplied.

This Melbourne five-piece are standing out from the indie-folk crowd, selling out the Corner Hotel on the current national tour, racking up YouTube hits like it's going out of fashion and touring with acts such as Josh Pyke and Boy & Bear. We caught up with co-vocalist and guitarist Christina Lacy ahead of the band's show at Mojos tomorrow.

Tell us the back-story...

"Pretty much how it started was Sam Bentley, the other singer, and I started doing a bit of music together in high school. We didn't go to the same school but we were just helping each other with some high school music stuff and we ended up applying for a festival up in Queensland and, surprisingly, got accepted. So, we thought we better get a band together to seem a bit more interesting than two people on stage, so we did. After we came back to Melbourne we did a few other random things like play a few friends' engagement parties . . . and then got offered a few things as a band and thought let's keep doing it. We never planned to be a band together, it just sort of fell into place."

What's the deal with the name?

"Umm, it's not really an interesting story, unfortunately. Sam and I, when we were just playing by ourselves and weren't really a band, thought that if we were going to apply for festivals we probably should have some sort of name - Sam and Christina sounds pretty lame. And so we had a bit of a think about it and looked up different things to inspire a name and Sam ended up coming up with Paper Kites and we thought it didn't sound too lame."

Still happy with the choice?

"It's funny because Sam, growing up, was in this kind of pop/rock band and they had a really terrible name and we actually talked about it yesterday in the van and he was saying he loved the name the Paper Kites because the other name was so horrible."

Was it really that horrible?

"It was Best Before."

That IS horrible. Anywho, we see your YouTube channel has had over three million plays, that's impressive.

"It's a bit of a shock to be honest. We definitely feel very honoured but it's not anything that we ever expected. It's very humbling."

How important is this visual aspect to your music?

"I think we all agree that it's awesome to create art in a song and then to have an opportunity to create a visual art piece that accompanies the music - we love doing them."

We've heard a couple of EPs, got a full LP on the horizon?

"I think I've been asked that in every interview in the last couple of weeks..."

Well, it gets to a point in every young band's career...

"Yeah, well, it's funny because we were planning on releasing an album and not an EP this time around but it just sort of felt like another EP was a good way to go to give ourselves a chance to keep developing in anticipation of an album. It's definitely on the cards and next year is probably going to be our main focus."

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