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Wire vs...Puro Instinct
Puro Instinct. Picture: Supplied.

LA sister act Puro Instinct released debut LP Headbangers in Ecstasy last year, with lead single Stilyagi teaching us how to say "hipster" in Russian. We caught up with eldest sister Piper Kaplan ahead of their appearance at This Is Nowhere.

Take us back to 2008. Why start a band with your sister?

At the time I was working this weird temp job at Disney where I was making $20 an hour to look at the internet. I was dropping calls left and right because I was getting really stoned on my lunchbreak and probably reeking of weed.

But I bought a plane ticket to New York and hung out for a while and DJ'd this show with R. Stevie Moore. He invited me back to his house and I got to hang out in his lair for a day.

I got the inside view of how easy it is to record and it inspired me to go home and see what was up with Skylar, she played guitar, and we had a crappy keyboard - let's just hammer away and see what we can do. And it snowballed from there.

You count Ariel Pink as a friend and collaborator. How did you meet?

He was at our second show ever in this little rinky-dink bar in downtown Los Angeles. We played with three practice amps and a half-functional mic - it was pretty cool. He was, like, 'I really wanted to hate this but I loved it', which is the best compliment you can receive.

Do you know much about Australia?

Not enough. I want to know everything.

What do they teach you in schools these days?

You know, I haven't been to school in years.

Were you home-schooled?

I did do home-schooling for a minute but I'm pretty sure my instructor off'ed herself so it wasn't a very accommodating environment for a young girl. But I learnt a lot in the school of life.

What were your grades like in the school of life?

High honours in some but probably a lot of Ds in others. In Bullshitting I'd definitely get an A but I get an F in Love, Finances... Name some areas and I'll tell you my grades."

Hmm, Music?

Yeah, Music, I think I get a C+ but I'm trying to raise my grades in that category, I'm always trying to get a better grade but that takes time.

NME described you as LA scene queens. Do you take that as a compliment?

I take any attention as a compliment, you know.

But what do you think they meant?

I'm part of the people-who-don't-leave-their-house scene. It's just me. And sometimes my sister comes over, she's an honorary queen in this scene.

Best thing about being in a band with your sister?

I don't know anything other than being in a band with my sister, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I must say I really enjoy the time that I spend working on music with her. It's really easy to connect and when we don't it's no big deal.

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