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Madge booed in Paris
Madge booed in Paris

In the wake of the backlash after the cancellation of her Australian tour, pop queen *Madonna * has continued to upset fans during her Europeon tour, after her latest Paris concert ended in a chorus of angry boos over the singer's super-short 45-minute performance.

Many from the crowd shouted "refund" as the singer beat a hasty exit, according to reports on Sky News.

This isn't Madonna's first run-in with the French, having already tripped up with far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen by displaying photos of her decorated with a swastika.

The party, which won 18 per cent of the vote in this year's presidential elections, promptly sued her.

"I know that I made a certain Marine Le Pen upset with me," Madonna said at the Friday concert, reported by the Celebrity magazine Female First. "And it's not my intention to make enemies ... it's my intention to promote tolerance."

France has had relatively light treatment in comparison to the rest of Madonna's wild and crazy MDNA world tour.

In Turkey, she decided to show a little too much skin after baring a breast to the crowd and succeeded in offending many in the mostly Muslim country.

In her Rome appearance, she yanked down her pants in order to show off what MTV described as a "bare(ish) bottom.

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