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A mix of old-fashioned Hollywood optimism with an unblinking view of contemporary struggles, the new film Queen of Katwe is an upbeat tale from an impoverished place.

Desmond Doss had the courage of his convictions. Enlisting in the army during WWII, the young man believed that the war was justified but killing was not and refused to fire or carry a weapon.

The face filmmaker Andrea Arnold makes at the thought of storyboarding her films is the kind of bitter, disgusted look most people reserve for a bath full of leeches.

Mel Gibson’s WWII film Hacksaw Ridge leads the nominations in the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

In 2008, Bill Dubuque was a corporate headhunter trying to make the transition to screenwriting when a producer named Mark Williams approached him with a rough idea for a financial thriller centred …

There’s an official letter on the desk of the character Jeff Bridges plays in Hell or High Water. Marcus Hamilton is a Texas Ranger looking at a mandatory retirement notice.

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