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Super dingo heroics
Super Dingo Troy Coward.Picture: Richard Jefferson

The hit Perth-based web series Super Dingo has launched its second episode, titled Super Dingo Vs The Hippies, on YouTube.

The first episode of the series, Super Dingo Vs the Pirates, was released in March and hit more than one million views in less than a week.

Super Dingo is described as an aggressively satirical sci-fi comedy series, an unapologetically stereotyped and absurdly mythologised version of Australia.

It follows the adventures of an elite team of Secret Bush Agents, all with superhuman skills.

"It was one of those crazy ideas that wouldn't go away," says Werzel Montague, co-creator and actor in the series.

"We thought, 'Well, people are either going to love this or hate this, so at least it'll get a reaction,'" he recalls. "I didn't expect it to get a million hits, that kind of terrifies me a little."

Comedian Montague and WA filmmaker Ethan Marrell teamed up with producer Natalie Lewis to create Super Dingo, which raised $5110 through the crowd-funding website Pozible for its first two episodes.

"That was the most amazing thing at first," says Montague. "The fact that people went, "Yeah, I get it and I want to see it.'"

The series has secured $60,000 in ScreenWest funding. And the Super Dingo team plans to shoot and release another five episodes of the comic show over the next year.

Montague says his personal motivation for the show came from creating heroes for Australia.

"As pretentious as this might sound - I wanted to give Australia our own heroes.

"We don't do heroism in Australia, we tend to mock heroes.

"We've come up with a team of mock heroes who aren't really heroic at all, and are kind of strangely amoral."

Both Montague and Marrell act in their series, Montague as Bushman and Marrell as The Chief.

Montague says his character is a nod to the great Australian actors.

"He's Hugh Jackman's Drover from Australia, he's Crocodile Dundee, he's Steve Irwin, he's the Bush Tucker Man," says Montague.

And what can we expect from the second episode, Super Dingo Vs The Hippies?

"Dirty, dirty, smelly evil hippies - and the agents are in far, far more trouble this time than they were against the pirates."

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